§ 7.213. Functions  

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  • Subject to the general supervision of the general counsel, the support enforcement activity shall investigate and enforce all cases referred to it by the child support enforcement unit, state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, and more particularly:

    (a) Institute paternity actions and child support actions unconnected with dissolutions of marriage.

    (b) Establish and enforce any existing child support orders of any state or jurisdiction.

    (c) Seek commencement of child support payments in which prior orders failed to provide for such payment.

    (d) Seek increases in previously ordered child support, where warranted by circumstances.

    (e) Seek collection of public debt as set forth in s. 409.2561(1), Florida Statutes.

    (f) Represent persons pursuant to a contract with the state and its agencies for the purpose of implementing Title IV(D) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. ss. 651—662) and chapter 409, Florida Statutes.

    (g) Handle such ancillary matters connected with the foregoing functions as shall be necessary to effect the purposes set forth in this part.

(Laws of Fla., Ch. 85-435, § 1; Laws of Fla., Ch. 92-341, § 1)