Part B. Related Laws

Article 1. Reserved
Article 2. Duval County Hospital Authority
Article 3. Bulk Power Bill For Jacksonville Electric Authority
Article 4. Jacksonville Aviation Authority
Article 5. Jacksonville Port Authority
Article 6. Jacksonville Vocational Educational Authority
Article 7. Reserved
Article 8. Reserved
Article 9. Reserved
Article 10. Solid Waste Disposal And Resource Recovery
Article 11. Environmental Protection Board
Article 12. Sports Development Authority
Article 13. Annexation Of Territory To The City Of Atlantic Beach
Article 14. Annexation Of Territory To The City Of Baldwin



Printed in this Part are certain special acts of the Legislature, pertaining to the City of Jacksonville. In general, the material contained in this Part concerns the independent agencies of the city, most of which have been created by the Legislature through special acts and not as parts of the City Charter. Obviously, not all laws that affect the City of Jacksonville are included in this compilation; only the laws that are most closely related to the structure of the Consolidated Government are included here.

Although this Part is arranged in articles, this is done only for uniformity of arrangement between this Part and Part A. The various laws contained in this Part are actually separate laws. They are compiled in a single place for comparison with the Charter of the City of Jacksonville and so that the user can see how they relate to the Charter and to the Consolidated Government.

A section without history notes indicates that it remains unchanged since the original enactment of the section. Subsequent changes are indicated by history notes appended to the section. The notes appearing at the end of various sections or at the beginning of an article or chapter and section and subsection headings enclosed in brackets are added editorially.