§ 20. Transfer of Existing Facilities  

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  • (a) Within six (6) months after the effective date of this law, all of the right, title and interest of the Duval County Hospital Board in and to the existing hospital facilities situated in Jacksonville, Florida and known as the Duval Medical Center, including all land, buildings, structures, furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, books, records and all other real and personal property of any kind and nature whatsoever, and all powers, jurisdiction and control over or relating thereto, heretofore vested in the Duval County Hospital Board by reason of Chapter 9274, Laws of 1923, as amended, shall, upon request of the Authority, be transferred, set over, assigned and conveyed to said Authority and the said Duval County Hospital Board shall thereupon transmit to the proper officers of the Authority all deeds, conveyances, documents, books and records relating to said Duval County Hospital Board and shall execute all necessary documents and papers to carry out and consummate the conveyance and transfer of said property to said Authority. There shall be included in the transfer of such assets, without any action being required by any governmental body or person, all monies or funds appropriated by the Legislature of the State of Florida for the years 1963 and 1964 for (1) constructing, expanding, renovating, repairing and improving the existing hospital units, out patient clinics, nurses' homes and schools and indigent relief departments of The Duval County Hospital Board and (2) the maintenance, operation, equipping and administration of the facilities of The Duval County Hospital Board; provided, however, that the sums of money appropriated for the year 1964 for the maintenance and operation of such facilities shall be null and void and of no force and effect in the event that the Authority becomes operative and exercises the powers granted to it under Section[s] 16 and 17 hereof; and provided, further, that the moneys appropriated for constructing, expanding and renovating such existing facilities shall be reduced for the year 1964 by the amount required for debt service for such year in the event that the Authority exercises its right to and does issue obligations hereunder, to the end that the aggregate amount required for debt service and for such construction, expansion and renovation for such year shall not exceed 1½ mills.

    (b) This section, without reference to any other laws, shall be deemed to be and shall constitute complete authority for the transfer, assignment, and conveyance herein authorized. Any provisions of other laws to the contrary notwithstanding and no proceedings or other actions shall be required, except as herein prescribed.