Title III. Executive Branch  

Chapter 20. Executive Office Of The Mayor
Chapter 21. Executive Branch, Generally
Chapter 22. Military Affairs And Veterans Department
Chapter 23. Intra-Governmental Services Department
Chapter 24. Finance Department
Chapter 25. Office Of General Counsel
Chapter 26. Reserved
Chapter 27. Reserved
Chapter 28. Parks, Recreation And Community Services
Chapter 29. Public Health Unit
Chapter 30. Planning And Development Department
Chapter 31. Fire And Rescue Department
Chapter 32. Public Works Department
Chapter 33. Employee Services Department
Chapter 34. Reserved
Chapter 35. Regulatory Compliance Department
Chapter 37. Office Of The Sheriff
Chapter 38. Medical Examiner's Office
Chapter 40. Tax Collector


Ch. 20. Executive Office of the Mayor
Ch. 21. Executive Branch, Generally
Ch. 22. Military Affairs and Veterans Department
Ch. 23. Intra-Governmental Services Department
Ch. 24. Finance Department
Ch. 25. Office of General Counsel
Ch. 26. Reserved
Ch. 27. Reserved
Ch. 28. Parks, Recreation and Community Services
Ch. 29. Public Health Unit
Ch. 30. Planning and Development Department
Ch. 31. Fire and Rescue Department
Ch. 32. Public Works Department
Ch. 33. Employee Services Department
Ch. 34. Reserved
Ch. 35. Regulatory Compliance Department
Ch. 37. Office of the Sheriff
Ch. 38. Medical Examiner's Office
Ch. 40. Tax Collector