Title IV. Boards And Commissions  

Chapter 50. Organization Of Boards And Commissions
Chapter 51. Jacksonville Children's Commission
Chapter 51A. Jacksonville Housing Authority
Chapter 52. Reserved
Chapter 53. Reserved
Chapter 54. Reserved
Chapter 55. Economic Development
Chapter 56. Building Codes Adjustment Board
Chapter 57. Taxation, Revenue And Utilization Of Expenditures Commission
Chapter 58. Advisory Boards And Commissions
Chapter 59. Duval County Election Advisory Panel
Chapter 60. Human Rights Commission
Chapter 62. Construction Trades Qualifying Board
Chapter 65. Reserved
Chapter 67. Duval County Research And Development Authority
Chapter 70. Duval County Tourist Development Council
Chapter 73. Environmental Protection Board
Chapter 75. Reserved
Chapter 76. Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission
Chapter 78. Reserved
Chapter 79. Reserved
Chapter 80. Reserved
Chapter 81. Reserved
Chapter 82. Jacksonville-Duval County Council On Elder Affairs
Chapter 84. Reserved
Chapter 86. Reserved
Chapter 90. Board Of Library Trustees
Chapter 91. Municipal Code Enforcement Board
Chapter 92. Uniform Community Development Districts
Chapter 93. St. Johns River Ferry Commission
Chapter 95. Jacksonville Waterways Commission
Chapter 96. Sports And Entertainment Board
Chapter 99. Reserved


Ch. 50. Organization of Boards and Commissions
Ch. 51. Jacksonville Children's Commission
Ch. 51A. Jacksonville Housing Authority
Ch. 52. Reserved
Ch. 53. Reserved
Ch. 54. Reserved
Ch. 55. Economic Development
Ch. 56. Building Codes Adjustment Board
Ch. 57. Taxation, Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures Commission
Ch. 58. Advisory Boards and Commissions
Ch. 59. Duval County Election Advisory Panel
Ch. 60. Human Rights Commission
Ch. 62. Construction Trades Qualifying Board
Ch. 65. Duval County Housing Finance Authority
Ch. 67. Duval County Research and Development Authority
Ch. 70. Duval County Tourist Development Council
Ch. 73. Environmental Protection Board
Ch. 75. Reserved
Ch. 76. Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission
Ch. 78. Reserved
Ch. 79. Reserved
Ch. 80. Reserved
Ch. 81. Reserved
Ch. 82. Jacksonville-Duval County Council on Elder Affairs
Ch. 84. Reserved
Ch. 86. Reserved
Ch. 90. Board of Library Trustees
Ch. 91. Municipal Code Enforcement Board
Ch. 92. Uniform Community Development Districts
Ch. 93. St. Johns River Ferry Commission
Ch. 95. Jacksonville Waterways Commission
Ch. 96. Sports and Entertainment Board
Ch. 99. Reserved