Title V. Administration And Personnel  

Chapter 100. Reserved
Chapter 102. Auditing Regulations
Chapter 104. Bonds
Chapter 106. Budget And Accounting Code
Chapter 108. Central Services
Chapter 110. City Treasury
Chapter 111. Special Revenue And Trust Accounts
Chapter 112. Claims By And Against City
Chapter 113. Gifts To City
Chapter 114. Emergency Continuity Of Government
Chapter 116. Employees And Employee Benefits
Chapter 117. Grants
Chapter 118. City Grants
Chapter 119. State Revolving Fund Loans
Chapter 120. General Employees And Corrections Officers Retirement Plans
Chapter 121. Police And Firefighters Pension Plan
Chapter 122. Public Property
Chapter 123. Public Fees
Chapter 124. Public Records
Chapter 126. Procurement Code
Chapter 128. Risk Management Program
Chapter 129. Salaries Of Public Officials And Employees
Chapter 130. Seal, Flag And Other Symbols
Chapter 134. Subpoenas
Chapter 135. Reserved


Ch. 100. Reserved
Ch. 102. Auditing Regulations
Ch. 104. Bonds
Ch. 106. Budget and Accounting Code
Ch. 108. Central Services
Ch. 110. City Treasury
Ch. 111. Special Revenue and Trust Accounts
Ch. 112. Claims By and Against City
Ch. 113. Gifts to City
Ch. 114. Emergency Continuity of Government
Ch. 116. Employees and Employee Benefits
Ch. 117. Grants
Ch. 118. City Grants
Ch. 119. State Revolving Fund Loans
Ch. 120. General Employees and Corrections Officers Retirement Plans
Ch. 121. Police and Firefighters Pension Plan
Ch. 122. Public Property
Ch. 123. Public Fees
Ch. 124. Public Records
Ch. 126. Purchasing Code
Ch. 128. Risk Management Program
Ch. 129. Salaries of Public Officials and Employees
Ch. 130. Seal, Flag and Other Symbols
Ch. 134. Subpoenas
Ch. 135. Reserved