Title VI. Businesses, Trades And Occupations  

Chapter 150. Adult Entertainment And Services Code
Chapter 151. Dancing Entertainment Establishment Code
Chapter 154. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 155. Adult Arcade Amusement Center
Chapter 156. Electronic Game Promotions
Chapter 158. Emergency And Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services
Chapter 160. Amusement Devices And Carnivals
Chapter 162. Bathing Establishments
Chapter 165. Public Food Service Establishments
Chapter 168. Burglary And Robbery Alarm Systems
Chapter 170. Buses
Chapter 173. Cemeteries
Chapter 176. Compressed Air For Breathing
Chapter 177. Business Security
Chapter 179. Mortgage Foreclosure Registration
Chapter 180. Duval County Job Opportunity Bank
Chapter 181. Reserved
Chapter 185. Junk Dealers, Secondhand Dealers, Precious Metals Dealers, And Secondary Metals Recyclers
Chapter 191. Special Events And A. Philip Randolph Entertainment District
Chapter 194. Reserved
Chapter 197. Riding Academies
Chapter 198. Massage Therapy
Chapter 200. Small Loan And Consumer Financing And Pawnbrokers
Chapter 204. Reserved
Chapter 206. Swill Garbage
Chapter 210. Ticket Sellers
Chapter 215. Commercial Vehicle Identification
Chapter 220. Vehicles For Hire
Chapter 221. Reserved
Chapter 225. Vehicle Repair Records Retention
Chapter 230. Wreckers
Chapter 250. Miscellaneous Business Regulations
Chapter 260. Disposal Of Waste Tires


Ch. 150. Adult Entertainment and Services Code
Ch. 151. Dancing Entertainment Establishment Code
Ch. 154. Alcoholic Beverages
Ch. 155. Adult Arcade Amusement Center
Ch. 156 Electronic Game Promotions
Ch. 158. Emergency and Nonemergency Medical Transportation Services
Ch. 160. Amusement Devices and Carnivals
Ch. 162. Bathing Establishments
Ch. 165. Public Food Service Establishments
Ch. 168. Burglary and Robbery Alarm Systems
Ch. 170. Buses
Ch. 173. Cemeteries
Ch. 176. Compressed Air for Breathing
Ch. 177. Business Security
Ch. 179. Mortgage Foreclosure Registration
Ch. 180. Duval County Job Opportunity Bank
Ch. 181. Reserved
Ch. 185. Junk Dealers, Secondhand Dealers and Precious Metals Dealers
Ch. 191. Special Events and A. Philip Randolph Entertainment District
Ch. 194. Reserved
Ch. 197. Riding Academies
Ch. 198. Massage Therapy
Ch. 200. Small Loan and Consumer Financing and Pawnbrokers
Ch. 204. Reserved
Ch. 206. Swill Garbage
Ch. 210. Ticket Sellers
Ch. 215. Commercial Vehicle Identification
Ch. 220. Vehicles for Hire
Ch. 221. Vessels for Hire
Ch. 225. Vehicle Repair Records Retention
Ch. 230. Wreckers
Ch. 250. Miscellaneous Business Regulations
Ch. 260. Disposal of Waste Tires