Title VIII. Construction Regulations And Building Codes  

Chapter 320. General Provisions
Chapter 321. Adoption Of Building Code
Chapter 322. Mobile Homes
Chapter 323. Street Encroachments
Chapter 324. Safeguards During Construction
Chapter 325. Electrical Installations
Chapter 326. Signs And Outdoor Display Structures
Chapter 327. Sustainable Building Program
Chapter 328. Reserved
Chapter 329. Reserved
Chapter 331. Reserved
SubTitle B. Mechanical Code
Chapter 339. Mechanical Code
SubTitle C. Electrical Code
Chapter 340. Electrical Code
SubTitle D. Plumbing Code
Chapter 341. Plumbing Code
SubTitle E. Construction Trades Regulations
Chapter 342. Construction Trades Regulations
SubTitle F. Gas Code
Chapter 343. Gas Code


Subtitle A. Building Code
Ch. 320. General Provisions
Ch. 321. Adoption of Building Code
Ch. 322. Mobile Homes
Ch. 323. Street Encroachments
Ch. 324. Safeguards During Construction
Ch. 325. Electrical Installations
Ch. 326. Signs and Outdoor Display Structures
Ch. 327. Sustainable Building Program
Ch. 328. Reserved
Ch. 329. Reserved
Ch. 331. Reserved
Subtitle B. Mechanical Code
Ch. 339. Mechanical Code
Subtitle C. Electrical Code
Ch. 340. Electrical Code
Subtitle D. Plumbing Code
Ch. 341. Plumbing Code
Subtitle E. Construction Trades Regulations
Ch. 342. Construction Trades Regulations
Subtitle F. Gas Code
Ch. 343. Gas Code