Title XVI. Judicial Code  

SubTitle A. Offenses
Chapter 600. General Provisions; Definitions
Chapter 601. Offenses Against Operation Of Government
Chapter 602. Jacksonville Ethics Code
Chapter 603. Children's Curfew
Chapter 604. Commerce And Industry
Chapter 606. Drugs
Chapter 608. Reserved
Chapter 609. Code Enforcement Citations
Chapter 612. Reserved
Chapter 614. Public Order And Safety
Chapter 615. Docking
Chapter 616. Streets And Sidewalks
Chapter 620. Reserved
SubTitle B. Procedure
Chapter 630. General Provisions; Limitations
Chapter 632. Penalties
Chapter 634. Fines And Costs
Chapter 636. Traffic And Parking
Chapter 638. Official And Public Court Reporters
SubTitle C. Corrections
Chapter 640. Employment, Good Time Allowances And Releases
Chapter 642. Extended Limits Of Confinement Of Prisoners
Chapter 646. Work Furlough And Victim Restitution Program
Chapter 647. Detention Facilities


Subtitle A. Offenses
Ch. 600. General Provisions; Definitions
Ch. 601. Offenses Against Operation of Government
Ch. 602. Jacksonville Ethics Code
Ch. 603. Children's Curfew
Ch. 604. Commerce and Industry
Ch. 606. Drugs
Ch. 608. Reserved
Ch. 609. Code Enforcement Citations
Ch. 612. Reserved
Ch. 614. Public Order and Safety
Ch. 615. Docking
Ch. 616. Streets and Sidewalks
Ch. 620. Reserved
Subtitle B. Procedure
Ch. 630. General Provisions; Limitations
Ch. 632. Penalties
Ch. 634. Fines and Costs
Ch. 636. Traffic and Parking
Ch. 638. Official and Public Court Reporters
Subtitle C. Corrections
Ch. 640. Employment, Good Time Allowances and Releases
Ch. 642. Extended Limits of Confinement of Prisoners
Ch. 646. Work Furlough and Victim Restitution Program
Ch. 647. Detention Facilities