Title XXI. Public Works And Utilities  

Chapter 710. Cable Television
Chapter 711. City Rights-Of-Way
Chapter 714. Neighborhood Assessment Programs
Chapter 715. Service Assessments
Chapter 718. Electric Utilities
Chapter 730. Reserved
Chapter 734. Railroads
Chapter 740. Sidewalks, Curbs And Gutters
Chapter 741. Zero Tolerance On Litter
Chapter 742. Streets Constructed By Special Assessment
Chapter 744. Street Construction Regulations
Chapter 745. Addressing And Street Naming Regulations
Chapter 746. Street Use Regulations
Chapter 748. Streets And Highways System
Chapter 750. Water And Sewer Code
Chapter 751. Septic Tank Superfund
Chapter 752. Jacksonville Reuse Of Reclaimed Water Program
Chapter 753. Reserved
Chapter 754. Stormwater Management Utility Code


Ch. 710. Cable Television
Ch. 711. City Rights-of-Way
Ch. 714. Neighborhood Assessment Programs
Ch. 715 Service Assessments
Ch. 718. Electric Utilities
Ch. 730. Reserved
Ch. 734. Railroads
Ch. 740. Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters
Ch. 741. Zero Tolerance on Litter
Ch. 742. Streets Constructed by Special Assessment
Ch. 744. Street Construction Regulations
Ch. 745. Addressing and Street Naming Regulations
Ch. 746. Street Use Regulations
Ch. 748. Streets and Highways System
Ch. 750. Water and Sewer Code
Ch. 751. Septic Tank Superfund
Ch. 752. Reserved
Ch. 753. Reserved
Ch. 754. Stormwater Management Utility Code