Title XXII. Taxation  

Chapter 760. Insurance Premium Tax
Chapter 761. The Better Jacksonville Plan
Chapter 764. Convention Development Tax
Chapter 770. County Occupational License Tax
Chapter 772. Municipal Occupational License Tax
Chapter 774. Discretionary Sales Surtax For Transportation
Chapter 775. Discretionary Sales Surtax For Infrastructure
Chapter 780. Property Tax
Chapter 782. Real And Tangible Property Tax Consultants
Chapter 790. Public Service Tax—General
Chapter 792. Public Service Tax—Fuel Oil
Chapter 793. Communications Services Tax
Chapter 796. User Fees
Chapter 798. Reserved
Chapter 799. Local Option Gas Tax


Ch. 760. Insurance Premium Tax
Ch. 761. The Better Jacksonville Plan
Ch. 764. Convention Development Tax
Ch. 770. County Occupational License Tax
Ch. 772. Municipal Occupational License Tax
Ch. 774. Discretionary Sales Surtax for Transportation
Ch. 775. Discretionary Sales Surtax for Infrastructure
Ch. 780. Property Tax
Ch. 782. Real and Tangible Property Tax Consultants
Ch. 790. Public Service Tax—General
Ch. 792. Public Service Tax—Fuel Oil
Ch. 793. Communications Services Tax
Ch. 796. User Fees
Ch. 798. Reserved
Ch. 799. Local Option Gas Tax